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Are you interested in  spending one month at a Danish “EFTERSKOLE” exploring cultural differences, learning a language (Danish and English) experiencing a homestay with a Danish host family, taking part in outdoor/teambuilding activities, and going on a 4-day excursion to Copenhagen? This is the program for you!

AFS and Ranum Efterskole College offers a 4 week summer school programme. The summer program embraces the school´s educational philosophy, which empasises the development of the learners´s interests and the quality of essential courses. This approach strengthens the participants teamwork skills as well as the ability to think and become more independent. The students have the opportunity to work and relax together with young people from different cultural backgrounds. The students will become more confident in speaking and using English language. They will gain a good understanding of Danish history and culture. In the science classes they will experiment and explore nature (learning about Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Program language: English, Danish

Location: Ranum, Denmark

Cost: €2900

Квалификационные требования

Participant date of birth:  30 June 2001  — 30 June August 2005

Language level: Basic English


Diploma and certificate available: The students will receive a certificate confirming their participation.

Что входит в ваш опыт

  • Встреча в аэропорту
  • Питание
  • Размещение в школе
  • 24/7 Поддержка в чрезвычайной ситуации
  • Культурные туры
  • Обучение языку

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