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In today’s global environment major corporations and organizations require leaders with skills in global competency — talented people who understand the world and how we communicate, interact, and live. STEM curricula and pursuits are an important component to creating the leaders of tomorrow, the challenges of a global society also require intercultural skills and experience that go beyond those provided in a strictly STEM-focused curriculum.

The Global Prep STEM Chicago Program set students on a path to success in their studies and in their careers with the opportunity to thoroughly explore STEM subjects. This program is perfect for students looking to experience a STEM-focused summer program that integrates classroom studies, excursions for hands-on exposure and intercultural learning to equip them with interpersonal skills. They’ll make new friends from around the world while experiencing new places and topics that will help them determine their future and their own place in the world.

To prepare students for 21st-century, the AFS Global Prep program in Chicago introduces them to weekly themes that educate, inform, challenge, and excite: Engineering/Architecture, Science/Industry/Energy, Conservation/Environment, Science/Environment, Engineering/Science/Technology and Technology/Science/Medicine. These themes and the accompanying activities are designed specifically to increase global competency and STEM knowledge for future leaders.

Alongside hands-on workshops and classes, students will experience the city of Chicago – a city unlike any other. With architectural marvels, world-class museums and beaches there is something for everyone!

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12 July 2002 to 12 July 2005


— Medium English

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