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My ESC experience with AFS Latvia has been extremely motivating and enriching! I have spent one year working with the office staff and the volunteer network, helping the exchange students adjust to the different culture and making school presentations about intercultural learning.
My favorite part of the experience was definitely the people that I met along the way. Whenever a problem occurred, we would come together to solve it. Whenever I was feeling down, I had people close to me on whom I could always rely, and I have been very glad to do the same with the hosted students who would sometimes face difficulties or cultural shocks. AFS Latvia really helped me create some long-lasting bonds for which I will forever be grateful!
During my ESC year, I also got to learn a bit of Latvian and discover this amazing country that I didn’t know much about before. I celebrated Līgo and created my first-ever flower crown, I lit a candle on Lāčplēša diena and hiked the Baltic coast. I had a taste of true Latvia, its culture, and I fell madly in love with it.
I created many memories and I do believe that they turned me into a better person, more positive and even more motivated to keep volunteering within the AFS network, changing the world bit by bit, one person at a time.
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