The Covid-19 pandemic underscores the need for global cooperation and reflects the importance of the AFS mission. Stand with AFS Latvia by donating to the cause. Money from donations helps AFS Latvia remain strong and vital by providing tools, equipment, training and development for exchange students, volunteers, improving the technology that keeps our global network strong, and of course making sure that staff, students, host families, and volunteers have the necessary means, helping AFS Latvia to run our programs to achieve our mission.

Below you can find more information on how to support our work in AFS Latvia!

💙We thank you for your interest and donation!💙

We appreciate any donation sent our way, whether it’s 1 € or 10 €. Or maybe more 😉
To donate, please use the following bank information:

„AFS Latvija” Starpkultūru programmas
Legal address: Blaumana street 38/40, Riga, LV-1011
Reg.No. 40008005650
IBAN: LV04UNLA0055001480247
Bank: a/s SEB Bank

Please specify your first name and the word ”donation” in the ”Text to sender” box, so we know who to thank 🙂