This Central American country has a 3,000-year-old Mayan culture, beautiful beaches and a delicious cuisine. Honduras’ amazing tropical weather enriches its lush flora and fauna. Food and drinks are the center of social gatherings, and Hondurans will enjoy sharing their culture with you, including dancing Punta, a traditional Honduran dance.

Teenagers in Honduras enjoy spending their free time with their families. When not studying, soccer, basketball or volleyball are probably on the agenda. Friends get together for a movie, working out at a gym, going to restaurants or getting a coffee.


Host Family & Community

You will probably be hosted by a family living in a Honduran suburban neighborhood. Honduran parents tend to be very protective, especially of their daughters, so be sure to check in before making decisions or going out.


Spanish is the main language in Honduras, although many people speak English as well. Having a basic knowledge of Spanish or English will helpful. AFS provides language lessons.



Honduran cuisine is delicious, colorful and full of a variety. Meals usually include corn, beans and rice, tortillas, fruit and seafood. Hondurans like a hearty breakfast, while lunch and dinner are lighter meals. A typical Honduran dishes you will love is theBaleada, a thick flour tortilla filled with fried beans and perhaps other ingredients like cheese.


There are different types of schools you can attend in Honduras: private, public, arts, music, technological, bilingual and others. School runs either from February to November or from August through June (7 am to 2 pm). All students wear uniforms and depending on the school, there will be a wide variety of extracurricular activities (mainly related to sports, school bands, academic groups and theater).